This school year I am incorporating new material to wellness workshops, programs and meditation classes. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to read The Emotional Life Of your Brain by Richard Davidson and Sharon Begley. It was a great read and it helped me better understand my self as well as get a clearer picture on how meditation research was started and which are the basis for our Emotional Styles. I learned about the 6 emotional styles (resilience, outlook, social intuition, context, self-awareness & attention) and how this composition is different for each of us. We all have different needs to keep our emotional life in balance. It was an extremely interesting book that I enjoyed reading.

Other books that I have read recently and that I have already started to incorporate in my workshops, coaching sessions and/or meditation classes is the work by Rick Hanson author of Hardwiring Happiness and of Buddha’s Brain (with co-author Richard Mendius). I have deeply enjoyed Rich Hanson’s books and highly recommend them to those interested in the brain’s well-being. My main take-home message from reading his books has been the importance of making a daily practice to take in the good moments. This becomes even more relevant when we understand the negativity-bias of the brain. We have to bring conscious effort and attention to all that is going on and take in all that is positive and going well. The strategies presented in his books have worked for me. I always enjoy sharing my insights with you.

Last, but not least, is the work by Matthieu Ricard, who has written extensively about many topics including meditation. He has also been a pioneer in supporting research on Meditation. I was very interested in reading about his collaboration with Dr. Richard Davidson for cutting-edge research in his exploration of the neuroscience of meditation.

Many of this topics and much more, will be part of my programs during this school year!

Looking forward to seeing you in class, workshops and/or programs to continue this conversation.

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