I have ran the 20km of Paris race three years on a row. Each year has been a different and unique experience. This year, 2016, I felt very nervous to show up to the race since I hadn’t trained as I had wished for. Life got very busy and I had no motivation to do the formal training that one needs to run 20km. However, since I had made the commitment with a friend, I showed up. I am glad I did. Before the race began, I did a quick assessment, I was feeling good, I knew I had to run slow but I was positive and optimistic. I was relaxed and happy and ran the 20km with a smile in my face. I can not say that it was easy but it was fun, slow and steady. I celebrated each kilometer I passed. I stayed focused on the present moment without feeling overwhelmed by the distance. I kept going. I made sure to drink some fresh water and eat a snack provided every 5 kilometers by enthusiastic volunteers. I enjoyed the people cheering, observing the sun light on the green trees by the park and the collective happy energy from people on the streets. If I had followed my mind’s advice, it would have been impossible to keep on going since I knew I hadn’t done the right training. However, my body felt great to run this race and we kept on going without paying attention to the inner explanations. Sometimes, we simply have to we to let the body educate the mind. Overall, it was a gently run race and one that made me extremely content. Have you ever experienced this?

TIP: It is good to build the habit of listening to your body. Are you pushing yourself too much? or too little?

TIP: Always observe your breath. Are you breathing normally and naturally with ease. This is a good indication of how you are doing?

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