If you have been spending too much time looking at your phone lately, this will be of interest to you.

For those who know me, I am always doing some form of wellness experiment. This is a simple way to explore and test how new ideas can be applied to your own life and the direct effects of these changes on your well being. One week is a good way to start because it is a short amount of time. So, it is easy to commit.

If you are ready to make more space between you and your digital devices, you can join me in this experiment:

  1. Pay attention. Notice each time that you think about something, that triggers the urge to check your phone.
  2. Pause. Take a mini-pause before you un-lock the screen.
  3. Reflect. Is this really necessary right now, while you are in the process of doing something else. What would happen in you stayed focused with what you are currently doing instead of getting distracted?
  4. Resist the urge. If you are able to resist the urge to look at your phone, congratulate yourself.
  5. Set boundaries. In my experience with previous digital detox exercises, setting clear boundaries has worked very well for me. For example, I gave myself a boundary to check Instagram only until after 5pm. This is arbitrary but it works for me. It helps me protect my morning energy when I need to be focused on my work. You can start with very small steps and small boundaries.
  6. Accountability. This is when joining other like-minded people can support you in the journey and the reason why I am sharing this today.

Since I decided I need an upgrade in my morning routine, starting today, May 1, I have added more minutes to my morning meditation and yoga practice before I look at my phone in the morning. More on this soon!

If you have a particular time of the day that you would like to work on, feel free to comment below and join our digital detox experiment….


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