Mindful walking has become one of my daily rituals. After I drop of my daughter in school, I walk to the park nearby and I walk there for a few minutes. I notice the new flowers, the change in the weather and the birds chirping. There are some days when I notice that my mind is busy. I find it harder to concentrate on the outside sounds. It is in those days when I stay in the park for a few more minutes until my mind settles. I walk slowly and I put all my attention in the surrounding colors, sounds, light and sights. After 5 minutes I feel ready to get back to work with a fresh mind.

How often do you get to walk by a park or near trees?

Can you take a moment to slow down and breathe with ease?

TIP: Your morning commute is a wonderful time to practice mindful walking. You can give yourself 5 extra minutes for a week and practice this every day in the morning. Observe what happens.

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