Books Published during 2017!

These are great resources to support families, students and professionals living in Paris who are ready to take small steps towards healthier living. 

The French version of the paperback has a smaller format than the English version!

New York City Spotlight Author’s Event
March 25, 2017


Book Signing Event in Paris
June 10, 2017


Testimonials for the book

Happy Healthy & Zen in Paris

Happy healthy and zen in Paris is a great read for anyone living in a big city and needing direction in their health and well-being. The overwhelm of city life can take its toll, Tania will take you from confusion to clarity in your self-care. Tania shares a great strategy to help keep you aligned.

Debbi Sanzo-Davis

Director, The New Self-Health Movement

An easy, well-structured read filled with suggestions for self care in a new city. Tania’s personal stories are poignant, and many readers will be able to say ‘yes i have been there too’. The book reminds us that our happiness and sense of well being comes not only from practices like meditation, yoga and walking in nature (I especially like the 3 minute meditations) but also from what we eat and from our environment. A great resource for a structured approach to well being in a new place. The 30 day workbook at the end will help keep you on track.

Oliver Bell

The tools and insights Tania shares in her book have been instrumental in helping me understand how food works inside my body. It’s also helped me to realize what it really means to take care of myself. Being a single mom and expat in a foreign city is not easy. This book is required reading for any person in transition looking to create a happy, healthy and zen life in their new home city.


With the help of Tania and this book I’ve been able to create healthy new habits that have become routine for me. Tania has taught me the importance of accountability and has gently pushed me out of my running slump by sharing techniques to get me out the door and to keep me from stopping.


Tania’s easy and practical approach to meditation made it possible for me to return to a regular mediation practice. The idea that you can start with 3 minutes a day was much more accessible and doable and not so overwhelming. Everyone has 3 minutes a day to center themselves and find their balance. I definitely do!


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