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HH&Z in Paris is an easy-to-follow book filled with ideas, inspiration and resources to include in your daily life. From healthier eating to mindfulness, we all have the capacity to integrate new habits into our daily lives. Each day is an opportunity to do things that are good for both our body and our mind. The good news is that it is possible to start with 3-minutes per day!

HH&Z in Paris is your ideal companion for a fresh and new start in Paris!

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Happy Healthy & Zen in Paris

In this book you will find

  • Practical tools to help you get settled in your new city.

  • How to develop a routine that makes you feel happy and alive.

  • A “food experiment” that will help you understand how your current diet is making you feel and how to make changes.

  • Simple strategies for coping with intense emotions and relaxing your body and mind.

  • ”Your Happy 3-Minutes” – an efficient way to build healthier habits.

   “What you learn about yourself and your well-being while you are in Paris will stay with you for a lifetime.”

What are readers saying about HH&Z in Paris…

The tools and insights Tania shares in her book have been instrumental in helping me understand how food works inside my body. It’s also helped me to realize what it really means to take care of myself. Being a single mom and expat in a foreign city is not easy. This book is required reading for any person in transition looking to create a happy, healthy and zen life in their new home city.


With the help of Tania and this book I’ve been able to create healthy new habits that have become routine for me. Tania has taught me the importance of accountability and has gently pushed me out of my running slump by sharing techniques to get me out the door and to keep me from stopping.


Tania’s easy and practical approach to meditation made it possible for me to return to a regular mediation practice. The idea that you can start with 3 minutes a day was much more accessible and doable and not so overwhelming. Everyone has 3 minutes a day to center themselves and find their balance. I definitely do!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Happy Healthy & Zen?

I decided to write this book for two reasons: 1) to remind myself how easy it is to get back to those habits that make us feel good and why is it important, 2) to invite you (the reader) to give it a try and see how simple it is to improve your lifestyle from the inside out.

Who is this book for?

The main focus of this book is for people who are moving to Paris but the principles presented here can be applied to anyone moving to a new city or to those who are looking for a fresh start in building new habits.

How to read this book?

This book is presented in 5 parts. You can chose to read it all or you may want to go directly to the section that you are interested in. Part 4 has a one-month journal dedicated to those who want to apply the concepts and practice building a 3-minute habit for 30 days.

HH&Z in Paris is your ideal companion for a fresh, new start in Paris!

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