Meditation & Yoga Group Classes


10h30 – 11h00: Meditation

11h10 – 12h10: Gentle Yoga

(These classes are lead in French but translated as needed)

Yoga and meditation can support you in making this important connection between your body and your mind.

Many of us tend to get lost in our thoughts easily. In just a few seconds we can think of something that happened in the past or we can fast forward to feeling anxious about something that may happen in the future. We are good at getting distracted and disconnected because sometimes it is easier than staying present and acknowledging our reality as it is today. 

What if we use the power of our breath to support this connection between the mind and the body? There is a shift that happens when we strengthen our bodies and we train our minds to stay in the present moment for longer periods of time, when we learn to go inwards and observe, “what is” without judgment. This practice is like any other training; it requires consistency and showing up. 

In my personal journey, many years ago, I was very resistant to start practicing yoga. I thought it was not for me. The only reason why I gave yoga a try was because I was suffering with intense anxiety. That first yoga class that I took in 2001 while being a doctoral student in New York City was the start of a new chapter of my life that will later on change the path of my career and my life journey forever.

I currently live in Paris and it is with great honor and gratitude that I share these practices with the students that show up each week to practice together at the yoga studio, YogaYoga Paris, where I have been teaching since 2010. 

I am and I will always be a yoga and meditation student. The practice takes place every day; on and off the mat in the relationship we have with ourselves and with others. I truly believe that we all have an enormous capacity to rewire our thinking, our lives and the way we perceive our own reality. This is an ongoing process that lasts a lifetime. All we have to do is to show up to our practice in the ways we can and breathe.  

The yoga and meditation classes are taught with kindness and joy as one of the students recently described!


Group Meditation Sessions

Are you ready to start a daily meditation practice with support in a very friendly environment

Students that join this weekly 30 minutes class start noticing a difference in the first 4 weeks of regularly attending this group. They have more clarity in their understanding of what meditation is (and is not) and how to add more mindful moments into their daily lives in a supportive and welcoming environment. This is also a great support to reinforce your own meditation home practice. You will be motivated to practice regularly.


Gentle Yoga

These gentle yoga classes are excellent for those who want to move at a slower pace, in a gentle flow. This class welcomes all levels of yoga practice and it is focused on breath awareness, strengthening the body and working through improving posture with mindful movement.

Students who attend these classes notice an improvement in their awareness on their posture during the every day life and they report having healthier lower backs after a few sessions. 



Attending meditation group classes has helped me find additional motivation and resources for my personal practice.Tania’s approach is conducive to a caring, non-judgemental environment for all levels.


Tania, I really enjoy your classes and meditation is very helpful just to have 10 minutes a day with myself and nobody else.


Attending the meditation class with Tania helped mark the week of meditation with a guided meditationAll the positive energy that a group generates during it is really great encouragement.


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