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The Yoga & Wellness Workshops this semester were so helpful for me in order to maintain balance and serenity while trying to navigate my first year of grad school. I truly appreciate Tania's yoga teaching and the wellness tips she provided us for time management and how to cope with stress. Also, our discussions of mindful eating were extremely helpful to me. The advice and recipes she shared were wonderful. Moving to Paris and trying to keep a healthy diet can seem hard when we are surrounded by so much bread and cheese but Tania gave us great tips to stay on track. I really recommend that students take this opportunity because what she taught us was useful for school and for life in general. Thank you very much Tania!

Sarah G.

International Student in Paris

From January-May 2016 I attended monthly workshops led by Tania del Rio that consisted of 30 minute topical discussions followed by an hour long yoga session. Tania led many fantastic discussions, ranging from digestive issues, dealing with stress, how to maintain routines and most of all provided great advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Paris. She provided us with great recipes, tips and tricks, and many other useful information that has helped me tremendously as a student living abroad. I was able to work through many of my personal health issues with Tania's guidance. Her yoga sessions were always fantastic as well and she was very accomodating to the groups' needs. The sessions were always a perfect balance of challenging and restorative and flowed perfectly. I highly suggest taking any kind of Wellness Workshop with Tania because she is full of information and is extremely helpful. Thank you Tania for everything! 

Katia P.

International Student in Paris

Dear Tania
Thank you so much for this great wellness yoga workshop today. It felt so good. It made my day and it made me realize so many things, the areas of my life that are out of balance, my eating habits and how good the effect of yoga and meditation is. I felt very balanced and grounded when I went home. I stayed all day in this energy. I'm very determined to meditate again in the morning..... maybe I even add a few yoga poses. The workshop gave me a kick start today. Thank you so much for this!

Ursula E.

Paris France

Family Yoga In Paris

“What a wonderful break in the day was to take a yoga class with Tania.  We stretched our muscles, became aware of the nature around us and connected as a family!” Elisa

Wellness Workshop Participants


I recently attended Tania’s Paris Wellness Yoga Workshop. It was exactly what I needed to start the year off in the right direction! Not only is Tania an amazing yogi, she also has a lot of knowledge about health, food, and wellness. She was able to assist each of us with identifying the areas in our life that need some attention to be brought back into balance. I really loved the workshop, the yoga, and the meditation! What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  ~ H. Whitman Paris, France

Tania’s Yoga Wellness Workshop was filled with good energy combined with an informative conversation about healthy eating. Tania provides expert instruction to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved from each yoga pose. It is perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike.  Reminded me of top NYC yoga classes. I left the studio feeling a few centimeters taller and completely relaxed. A perfect morning!  ~ EM, Paris France

 Tania, thank you for yesterday’s yoga wellness workshop! It was the perfect way to continue and reinforce my food cleanse. I really enjoyed your compassion to yourself and to your students during the yoga session. ~ JG, Paris France

“Dear Tania,

Your “Food, Mood & Yoga Workshop” was AMAZING!  The information that you presented was sharp and on point!  Even though sugar craving is not my weakness, your ability to shift the information to address all cravings showed how well you have researched your information and could adapt it to my and probably the other participants needs.  The yoga sequence was a great way to help us move our body in order to digest the presentation and the end was creme de la crème.  Instead of having us just lie on the floor, we were placed in a reclining position, that felt just heavenly…again a perfect way to digest and really feel the presentation in a relaxing way.  Thank you for this workshop and I can’t wait for the next one!” ~Mary Lou

 “I attended the Food, Mood & Yoga workshop and it went beyond my expectations.  The yoga studio was comfy, cozy and zen and Tania went out of her way to welcome the individual participants with personalized attention.  The workshop began with a discussion of how food can affect your mood and went into great detail about sugar and sugar substitutes.  Tania’s biology background and scientific thoroughness gave credibility to the discussion and I was easily convinced.  Tania led the group through a spirited exchange about our childhood sweets and what they meant to us. She gently focused our attention on why we eat, why we compensate, although she was never judgmental. The food workshop was followed up by a session of yoga, which was thoroughly adapted to each participant: some with sore shoulders, other with bad backs.  We were all motivated to do our best.  The yoga workout was concluded with my favorite part of the workshop, a meditative session complete with a super pose on a million pillows: heaven.  Now ask me two questions: did I feel great after the workshop? You betcha. Will I attend another one: You betcha!” ~ Elizabeth Milovidov 

International Students In Paris

Yoga class was incredible this semester. It made me feel very relaxed and stress-free. I wish I was able to attend every single class because it was truly amazing!” ~ Michelle
“Yoga class this semester was a great opportunity to reconnect and re prioritize during my hectic workweek between class and internships. It was a crucial time for me to focus inward and release stress. Tania was a great instructor;  knowledgable, motivating, and helpful. Under her care we we comfortably challenged ourselves to try new things.” ~ Elena
“Yoga was always one of the highlights of my week. It was the perfect way to decompress from a week of classes and recenter myself. Class always felt like a safe and supportive environment, which was especially cherished considering living in Paris is still new to me. I can confidently say that yoga classes were one of the largest factors in maintaining a healthy work-life balance this semester.” 

“Yoga class has been one of the best investments of my time this year. The class is well paced, customized, energizing and a great opportunity to reorient oneself after a stressful week. After class my productivity levels are heightened and I feel noticeably tension-free.”

“Before yoga in paris this semester, I had only done the very smallest bit of yoga. I excitedly decided to attend classes here. Yoga class became something I truly looked forward to each week, and through my practice I felt that I was able to actually connect myself more with being physically in a new beautiful city. Yoga provided balance to each week, and kept me grounded when times felt stressful.”

“Yoga class has been a very nice way to get away from the stress of school work. The class was not only about yoga but about feeling better about ourselves overall. I always left class feeling very positive and zen.”

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